Returns Management:
One of the most frustrating parts of running a business is dealing with reverse logistics. Returns are an incredible hassle that nobody likes to deal with, except us. Understanding the roots of your returns are pivotal to learning more about your customers and how you can improve your product
Managing Returns:
We will take returns off your hands simplifying the entire process for you. This includes storing, sorting, and assessing the condition of your product. Although it may sound simple. This is an incredibly painstaking process that needs to be done efficiently to ensure your customers get returns processed on time, and allow you to file claims in cases of fraud. We want you to focus on the core competencies of your business and eliminating this responsibility for your business will be of tremendous benefit to you.
Strategic Planning on Returns:
We will consult with you on how to best deal with your returns. It is important that you reallocate returned inventory when the product is still in excellent condition. Our refurbishing and testing capabilities will allow you to recirculate good inventory and dispose of the bad inventory. Additionally, our complex return database allows us to identify potential manufacturing defects to further prevent the sale of defective products.