FBA Prep Services
Creating a finished product to your exact liking is not always easy. This can be especially difficult when working with manufacturers overseas. In many cases, modifications to packaging and bundling of your products cannot be made after placing an order for your product. Additionally, sending a product into FBA means that once it is gone, it is final. We believe in a different approach at JDS Prime Logistics.
We provide assembly and bundling services that can help your product shine. It is pivotal that your customer gets an unboxing experience that sets it apart from the competition. More importantly, we will do this at a fast and fair price improving your bottom line. Custom boxes, bundling, framing, re-labeling, and product modifications are just a few of the customization capabilities that you will have access to as a partner with us.
The market for subscription based services has been showing exponential growth. Over the past 5 years, the subscription market has increased at 100% per year. We understand that and are ready to be a reliable provider for your customers, helping you keep a low attrition rate. Refills and mixed bundling of goods are a service always available to you.
Inventory Management:
Tracking inventory is important to ensure you are properly stocked for spikes in sales. In addition to always being in stock, inventory management is incredibly important for identifying product trends. You can learn a lot about your product by how it moves and make necessary adjustments to increase sales. Providing you frequent inventory age, velocity, and forecasting reports is a service available to you at any time.