Marketplace Consulting & Product Management
Creating a product that customers want is just the beginning of entering a competitive online marketplace. Product listings need to be optimized to the fullest extent to ensure customers are seeing your products. Here is how we can help.
Amazon Listing Optimization
High quality products deserve a high quality listing. Getting to the top of an Amazon page is not easy, and requires a business to hit many core metrics that can be difficult to keep track of. JDS Prime Logistics takes a data driven approach to learn the metrics behind your business and competitors in order to improve it. Here are some of the many benefits of working with us to optimize your online presence.

Improve your sales rank

Win the buy box

Strategic shipping options to appear in front of more customers

Analytics on consumer search trends to identify significant keywords needed in your advertising campaigns

Review Management

A picture is worth a thousand words. As old as the phrase may sound, it is true. Some of the most important aspects of drawing interest to your products are the visual elements. Does it pop on the screen? Is the photo high quality? Does the photo show off the important design elements of the product? These are questions we are ready to answer while being able to provide stunning photography to increase sales of your product.